Sparkling water.
Plain water.
Flavoured water.


Are any drink that is sweetened with syrups and added sugars.

Negative Effects

Negative Effects

Fast heartbeat.
Difficulty sleeping.
Chest pain.

Many teens choose to have caffeine in the morning to start their day. A small amount of caffeine can be safe but having more than the recommended amount of caffeine can lead to negative effects. Once you have caffeine it only takes 15 minutes to take effect and it can take up to 6 hours for your body to get rid of just half of the caffeine. Caffeine also has similar effects on the brain as other drugs. Although it is much milder, it can still be addictive.



Controlling body temperature.
Moving nutrients and oxygen.
Removing waste.
Aiding in digestion.
Cushioning organs and joints.

Only 70% of Canadians (age 5-17) will drink water on a normal day. Water makes up ~60% of your body weight so it needs to be replenished everyday for you to stay hydrated.

Water is a healthy drink that has zero calories and contains no sugar. Drinking more water during the day will result in having fewer calories than if you were to have sugar-sweetened drinks instead. Most tap water is also fluoridated, which helps to prevent tooth decay and increase oral health.


Daily Water

Drink Reminder. Helps track the quantity of water you drink and reminds you to drink water.

Plant Nanny

Reminds you to drink water regularly.

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