Health Happens with Families

A family is the core of each child’s existence and greatest influence to health and well-being. To help your children live to their fullest potential and enjoy life attempt to create a healthier environment for them to live. Children are able to accomplish their goals with guidance and support from their families.
As a family it can be your goal to put your health first and practice healthy behaviours daily! Commit to providing and supporting healthy resources and tools to eat healthy and be active to enjoy new steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy time together and create a positive environment for your child or children you grow up as healthy as can be!

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Choose a few of your favourite things to do before bedtime and create a nightly ritual! Bedtime snack? Boost those fruits! Reflect with your parents? Tell them about the highs and lows of your day! Storytime? Everybody loves Robert Munsch and Dr. Seuss!


Are you desperate for some shut eye too? Try to develop a regular bedtime routine to get your child ready for sleep. That’s right! Power down electronics a few hours before bed and keep phones, TVs, and iPads out of the bedroom and don’t forget… Pajamas on before storytime!
Make sleep a part of your everyday routine! Watch videos about why sleep is important and discover other useful resources to help achieve more restful shut eye!



What’s cooking in your kitchen? Go with your parents to the grocery store and pick out some new fruits and vegetables to try together. Pick a new recipe and help them prepare, cook and serve the meal!


When you choose to eat healthier foods you set a great example for your kids to follow. Plan to prepare food together and eat meals together as a family as often as you can. 5 SERVINGS FRUIT + VEGGIES LEARN MORE  Choose to boost veggies and fruit! Learn why vegetables and fruit are the best to fuel your body. Watch videos and discover interactive apps to colour up your life!

2 or Less Hours Recreational Screen Time


Arrange a play date with your friends or get outside and participate in an activity with your family! Balance screen time and choose to do activities that are healthy for your brain. Talking, board games or sports might be interesting to you! Do you have a favourite show you just have to watch? Try watching the show on a yoga ball and during the commercial break play hide and seek or freeze tag with the whole family!


Monitor and limit screen time! Establish a healthy media diet. Guide their programming choices and encourage them to watch educational shows or movies. Everybody loves Discovery channel! Having trouble limiting screen time? Do not completely cut off their screen time, but gradually reduce the amount of time they spend on their favourite piece of technology. Try and offer non-electronic formats of educational media like books, magazines, or newspapers. There’s nothing like an entertaining comic section!

2 HOURS OR LESS RECREATIONAL SCREEN TIME LEARN MORE  Take a break, turn it off. Unplug and play! Learn how screen time can affect your health and try new ways to set healthy screen time limits. Be sure not to stay too long!

1 Hour Physical Activity


Physical activity helps to make you stronger! Lead your family through an activity or game yourself! Choose active transportation and walk, run or bike to the grocery store, park, or school with your family and friends. Have fun! Run, jump and play everyday!


Choose a few nights of the week to participate in a physical activity together. A family walk, bike, run, swim, or fun game like tag! Encourage unstructured play and allow your child to be creative. Learn fundamental movement skills and new activities together to help prepare your child or children to be active for life!

1 HOUR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY LEARN MORE Run • Jump • Play • Everyday • Watch cool videos to learn about new activities and sports you can enjoy with friends. Start a family competition and have everyone track their steps with one of the suggested apps!

0 Sugar-Sweetened Beverages


Keep your water bottle handy for when you get thirsty. Water can be fun too! Try adding fruits and/or veggies to your water to change the flavour.


Be a role model for your children. Choose to drink water first for thirst.

0 SUGAR – SWEETENED BEVERAGES LEARN MORE Water does wonders! Why is water the best choice for thirst? You are what you drink! Click here to find out why to fuel your body with water.

Mental Health


Connect with your parents, friends and even your animals! Be kind to yourself and celebrate your accomplishments. Listen to your body and seek help if you are struggling to feel like yourself.


Connect with your children! Facilitate and support family relationships to create cohesion that can help to build resilience. Encourage social interaction and provide opportunity for connection with others. Be mindful of your own mental health as well as your child’s or children and seek help if needed!

MENTAL HEALTH LEARN MORE There is no health without mental health. Mental health matters. Click to learn where you can talk to someone and the importance of connecting with family and friends, as well as your doctor or counsellor.

Family Life


Encourage your family to play with you and join in on the fun! Don’t be afraid to ask your parents for help! Be patient!


You are your child’s biggest role model! Your child will copy your behaviours, so keep your emotions in check or walk away if necessary! Note changes in your child’s emotions and behaviours and be cautious and attentive to their thoughts and feelings. Reach out for support if you are struggling!

FAMILY LIFE LEARN MORE Life with kids is messy and that is ok! Fill your parenting tool box with humor, tips and more!



Implement healthy behaviours into your lifestyle as some healthy options are free of charge. Experience the outdoors, actively transport and always drink water! If you are struggling to meet your basic needs ask your health care provider or community service worker for help.


Stay organized and plan ahead. Keep emergency funds to help you and your family achieve your basic needs. Looking for a place to stay? Don’t be afraid to reach out in South Georgian Bay to organizations who will be more than willing to help you find a place to call home. Practice healthy behaviours as some healthy options are free of charge!

MONEY LEARN MORE Your income can affect your health. Learn about South Georgian Bay’s many resources and tools to help you meet your most basic needs.

Health Happens Everywhere, Every Day in South Georgian Bay.

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