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Understand how to use the interactive health map.

How to use the interactive health map.

Welcome! Be Well in the South Georgian Bay Community!

Together to help revolutionize the way health happens in our community we must captivate and empower all community members to ensure the BeWell 10-5-2-1-0 consistent messaging is seen in all areas in the surrounding communities. In addition we must ensure there is an awareness regarding mental health, positive parenting, and money’s effects on health. Together with a common goal we can help children and families adopt healthy behaviours everywhere, everyday.

The BeWell Community developed a map of South Georgian Bay housed with many ideas, resources, and lessons that can be used to take actionable steps towards health. Depending on the area in your community that you feel ready to make change you can easily access suggestions by clicking on that location to help you advocate and adopt the different healthy habits for children and families.

Remember it takes a community to raise healthier children for a healthier tomorrow. We are all here to help each other!


Arenas are places where physical activity, learning, excitement, and fun happen at the same time!

Click to learn more about how health can happen in arenas. Read about the ideas, resources and suggestions we have to help everyone make healthy choices!


Children are continuously growing and learning essential life skills at school. These skills must include how to lead a healthier life!

Click to learn more about the steps you can take as a student, parent, or staff to support health in your school.

Rec Facility

Recreation facilities are a safe place for children and families to connect, enjoy physical activities, and make new friends!

Click to learn how you can contribute to support a healthy and positive environment for children to flourish and grow.


Daycares play a crucial role in creating opportunities for young children to be creative, play, and enjoy healthy snacks and meals!

Learn more about how you as a parent, guardian, or staff member can continue to promote healthy habits for children.


The library is a powerful contributor to promoting health for all children in the community.

Learn about the numerous ways the library aims to help children and youth stay active, eat healthy and learn to lead their best lives!

Outdoor Play

Nature has the power to connect, heal, and soothe.

Click to learn more about how health can happen in arenas. Read about the ideas, resources and suggestions we have to help everyone make healthy choices!


Businesses have a significant role in creating opportunities to help families to make healthy choices!

Click to learn more how all businesses can support health within the South Georgian Bay community.

Health Care

Health care providers are one of the biggest influences on child and youth health.

They are able to spread the BeWell healthy behaviour messaging to help support healthier lifestyles for children and families.

Town Hall

Local municipalities are a key component to developing healthy communities for children.

Learn how government members can shape policies to promote health and how you can become an advocate to influence decision-makers.

Community Service

Community services are the backbone of a supportive, healthy community.

Individuals volunteer their time to service those who need it most, creating a tightly knit web of people who are all working together for a common goal of community health and happiness! Engaging in community services in the Georgian Bay Area provides citizens with the opportunity to become active members within the place they call home and generate a lasting, positive impact on society as a whole.


As a parent you are your child’s best role model! You have to power to adopt and practice health behaviours as a family to live your healthiest life.

Click to learn more about how you can impact your child’s choices and support healthy behaviours in your home.

10h Sleep

Make sleep a part of your everyday routine!

Click to watch videos about why sleep is important and discover other useful resources to help achieve more restful shut eye!

5 Fruits and Vegetables

Choose to boost veggies and fruit!

Click to learn why vegetables and fruit are the best to fuel your body. Watch videos and discover interactive apps to colour up your life!

2h Recreational Screentime

Take a break, turn it off. Unplug and play!

Learn how screen time can affect your health and try new ways to set healthy screen time limits. Be sure not to stay too long!

1h Heart Pumping Actiity

Run. Jump. Play. Everyday.

Watch cool videos to learn about new activities and sports you can enjoy with friends. Start a family competition and have everyone track their steps with one of the suggested apps!

0 Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Water does wonders!

Why is water the best choice for thirst? You are what you drink! Click here to find out why to fuel your body with water.

Mental Health

There is no health without mental health.

Mental health matters. Click to learn where you can talk to someone and the importance of connecting with family and friends, as well as your doctor or counsellor.

Family Matters

Life with kids is messy and that is ok!

Click here to fill your parenting tool box with humor, tips and more!

Financial Wellbeing

Your income can affect your health.

Learn about South Georgian Bay’s many resources and tools to help you meet your most basic needs.

Sex Gender + Sexuality

Learn about South Georgian Bay’s many resources and tools to help you meet you

Health Happens Everywhere, Every Day in South Georgian Bay.

The Be Well Community Collective embodies collaboration, partnerships and improving health and happiness.

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