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It is easy to be confused about the difference between mental and emotional health. Whereas mental health is how you are feeling on the inside, emotional health is how you process these feelings and express them to the outside world.
To be emotionally healthy means to be able to understand why you are feeling a certain way and presenting these emotions in the appropriate manner. Just as it is emotionally unhealthy to have constant outbursts and tantrums, it can also be unhealthy to hold in the way you are feeling and pretend everything is okay when it may not be.
The appropriate way to express your emotions can come in many forms, whether it is confiding in family in friends, channeling your feelings into art, or using your body in a physical way can all be helpful ways of staying emotionally healthy.

Recognize that feeling emotions is normal

Be in tune with your emotions with your emotions

How am I feeling about this situation? 

Why do you feel that emotion?

Why did this situation make you feel upset?

Express emotions in a healthy way

Tel:211 free helpline 24 │7
Chat option coming soon