→ When certain drugs are taken properly (like medications you get from your doctor) they can be safe and helpful, but often drugs are misused and can cause serious physical, emotional, economical, and social harm.

-Why do people use drugs and alcohol


Control physical and emotional pain.
Treat illnesses.
Boost confidence.
To change emotions (boredom, sadness, stress, anxiety).
Help cope with traumatic experiences.
For a sense of belonging or acceptance.
Social pressure.

→ If you are using alcohol or drugs unhealthily to cope with stress, or events going on in your life, you should consider talking to a medical professional or calling/texting/emailing anonymously to a service such as a Kid’s Help Phone Counsellor

misusing drugs and alcohol


What are the risks of misusing drugs and alcohol?
Impact relationships, jobs, money.
Cause dependency and addiction→ affect your everyday life.
Harm physical and mental health.
Lead to overdose, which can cause death.

This scale of risk indicates the severity of a person’s drug use:
Level 1: no use/medication used as directed →
Level 2: experimental use →
Level 3: social or occasional use →
Level 5: harmful use →
Level 6: dependence.

Visit CAMH (the centre for addictions and mental health) for more information and leading research on drugs in Canada.

Visit Kids Help Phone if you are struggling with drugs and alcohol to anonymously call, live chat or email for advice and for information about services in your area.

Tel:211 free helpline 24 │7
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